Region will participate in the presentation "Regions of Russia " . According to the representative of the Samara region of the Russian Government , the Governor Konstantin Titov sent to the Ministry of Federal Affairs , National and Migration Policy of the Russian Federation agreed to participate in the field of exhibition-presentation "Regions of Russia " . Showcase will be held in Moscow from 14 to 17 March and will be dedicated to the anniversaries of Education regions of the Russian Federation , including the Samara region. The main objective of the exhibition - a demonstration of the socio- economic development of regions and individual enterprises , organizations and institutions to small and medium-sized businesses . The exhibition aims to show the positive changes that have occurred over the last period of economic and intellectual potential of Russian regions. During the exhibition is planned to organize business meetings , presentation of individual businesses, the contest " The Best Domestic Product ." The exhibition will run Russian Information Center for Foreign Trade , which will help the exhibitors to carry out the promotion of goods and products for export, to look for potential partners for cooperation through a worldwide network of Trade . The main idea of ​​the exhibition is based on the Samara region development of the organizing committee for the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the region, which will be held under the motto " We - Samara people." Playground , according to the organizing committee of experts should reflect the formation of community " Samara people" middle of the XIX century to the beginning of the new millennium . During this time, the region has gone from " the capital of the grain trade " to the high-tech region with stable interregional and international relations . Exposure help reveal different aspects of originality and uniqueness of the Samara region : its nature , history, culture , economic and industrial development. The concept of the organization of the anniversary exhibition of the Samara region was developed by representatives of the Department of Culture of the Samara region , Srednevolzhskaya Chamber of Commerce , Union of Employers of the Samara region. According to preliminary data , their participation in the exhibition have already confirmed the following businesses and organizations province: Samara Space Center , JSC " Motorostroitel " Samara State Aerospace University , Srednevolzhskiy Machine Tool Plant , Syzranskaya furniture factory, Airline "Samara" , OAO " Transformer" , informs management information policy coordination and interaction with the media Samara region. 14.02.2001 11:11